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Lift The Black Veil

by The Peach Tree

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Throughout the ages, the vampire has remained one of the most fascinating concepts ever to captivate human attention. Seen as a myth, it makes for fantastic Dark fairytale subject matter, from the chilling concept of drinking blood to the mystery that the night air holds, and even the sexual connotations of fangs piercing flesh. Weave that myth into modern culture and you get a gamut of artists “vamping up” that has lead to a cultural phenomenon with a distinguished dress senses and taste in music.

Yet beneath all this fun black hair dye and novels depicting gorgeous hunky vampires that every teenage girl is in love with, is a Darker world. A world where people fancy themselves as actually being vampires, arguing that there is no myth or style about it whatsoever. Some claim to have inherited it through a bloodline, others say they “Awakened”, whilst others say they simply chose to “Turn”. In any case, there are people that actually drink human blood, what is known as a Sanguine Vampire, and there are those that feed off psychic energy, Psy Vamps. In both cases these people are not claiming to be immortal or to possess anywhere near the level of supernatural power associated with the myth archetype. Rather, they insist that they mostly possess the weaknesses of the race, although slightly watered down. Amidst claims of being allergic to sunlight and a few cases of not being able to enter churches and stuff like that, all these people share the same weakness: without feeding, whether on actual human blood or psychic energy, they will become sick.

I used to think I was a psychic vampire myself. I have the ability to absorb energy from others, and these days from time to time I still do it. It was when I realised that energy is all around me in the elements that nature provides that I shook off the notion of having this compulsion to feed, and thus shook off the label of vampire. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

This album is an exploration of what the vampire archetype means on all the levels I have discussed above. It begins with a fictional tale told in the first person. This part of the album draws on my own experiences, such as the repeated implication of “The Turning”, or “Letting The Darkness In”, referring to the first time I consciously behaved wickedly or, if you like, sinned - a turning point for me whereby I began to think along Darker lines and began reading about psychic vampirism. After the track “Interview”, the album opens up a bit and I begin talking more generally about the entire concept of “modern day vampires”.

There is plenty of humour in this album, such as the title “Coming Out Of The Coffin” being a play on “The Closet”, and the cheeky message “From Edward Cullen” from the Twilight movie and novel phenomenon. Yet I hope it also conveys the concepts I have outlined here.

Enjoy listening! -Regards, Angus Maiden (The Peach Tree)


released May 7, 2009

Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: Let Me Tell You A Tale
let me tell you a tale, about a boy ever so frail
who fell in love with a girl, and into the depths of darkness fell
for flaunt his pride did he so much, that he betrayed his lovers trust
and she, a queen of darkness being, buried him one fateful evening
but tortured was he in dead sleep, his past undoings a prison keep
within which his restless soul pleaded mercy from belfry tolls

and so in guise of kindness came, a so called end to all his pain
the gods saw fit to let him rise, and from his grave his bones were pried
casting off the years of decay, his body now could hold dear sway
with any girl who glanced at him, yet still he bore the mark of sin
and thus the gods, as punishment, left him with thirst for nourishment
that could only be obtained from warm wet blood in human veins
Track Name: Coming Out Of The Coffin
I awoke inside, as beyond the veil
I glimpsed a world amidst sanguinary hail
perception was skewed as death magick was spewed
from dead lips behind which fangs protrude

and the world is colder now, in awakening

my grave is breached, under where I stand
my soul still feels it, deep beneath the ground
so begins the turning, the waking of the dead
is this something real, or just inside my head

and the world is darker now in awakening
Track Name: I Let A Demon Inside
I let a demon inside, when innocence faded
lust turned the simple into complicated
and put a cap on my light

put a cap on my light, put a cap on my light
put a cap on my light, eternal night

I let a demon inside, yea when innocence faded
turn the simple into complicated
and put a cap on my night

eternal night
Track Name: I'm Sorry (The Turning)
her steely eyes of crystal blue turned fiery red and stared through me
I'm sorry that I cheated but the one who's paying most is me
all my dreams were torn apart down as in the park she blew me
memories send shivers down my spine and nightly haunt me

deal me out a tarot card beneath the devil's crescent moon
reluctant friends call me a cab I'll eliminate my presence soon
thoughts are swirlin' round my head but in the end it's nonsense true
all my feelings ill-invoked, but never will I resent you


I'm sorry for hurting you
are you sorry for turning me?
Track Name: On This Summer's Day
on this summer's day...
Track Name: The Day I Let The Darkness In
the day I let the Darkness in,
four simple words, carved in sin (do you give head?)

was it just my mind,
torturing my soul?
or did the devil find,
a way to play his role
and through me work his will.
my blackened heart becoming still

the scent of lust upon the air,
turned my dreams into a nightmare.

and now with pointed fangs I gaze
through bloody tear filled eyes, ablaze.
Track Name: I Hide My Eyes Away
on this summer's day
I hide my eyes away
from blinding light in full array
across the heavens led astray

from beneath the ground a hum begins
the scream of countless tortured souls
that sweep and sway along the rows
of weeping trees for hanging sins

the graves exhumed, the dead arise
waiting 'til the moon belies
the creeping tide over blood-soaked sand
with fire in eye and sword in hand

they sweep across this earthly realm
satan steering at the helm
where he points they thus shall follow
to plague and kill and spread their sorrow

but not I, that path to choose
for gods and devils always lose
the one thing that they claim to own
the souls of man before the womb

and after death, eternally
but speaketh me of blasphemy
neither god nor satan holds the key
to end this earthly travesty,

and neither do they hold with me,
any say in my destiny.

yet on this beautiful summer's day
I still hide the light away

with shutters drawn and lips of scorn
I cannot bear the coming dawn

until the sun lies low I wait
with panic-stricken cornered hate

and when the twilight settles in
I revel in the red moon's sin

I stalk the alleys, climb the roofs
night has fallen, claws are loosed
no hesitation or refrain,
pulsing blood through shivering veins

the fangs pierce flesh and all is blurred
the two have become one, interred
Track Name: Live Longer (Love Lingers)
eat well, live longer
eat well, live longer honey
drink water, feel the love you gotta
drink life, love lingers inside

have you ever wanted to be
something only others can see
take my hand and follow me
and we'll journey to the other side

eat well, live longer
eat well, live longer you gotta
drink water, and feel the love
drink life, love lingers inside

drink life, live longer
drink life, feel the love you gotta
drink blood, taste the life
drink blood, taste lingers inside

taste lingers inside

eat souls, live longer
drink souls, love dies inside
love dies inside slowly

love dies inside slowly

drink blood
drink blood
eat souls

love dies inside slowly
love dies inside slowly
love dies inside slowly
love dies inside slowly

drink blood, taste lingers inside
drink blood, love dies inside
love dies inside, love dies inside
love dies inside slowly

love dies inside

love dies inside

love dies inside
Track Name: Interview
what is the first thing you think of when it comes to vampires?
Track Name: Dreams
in my dreams I am a vampire
floating through the air
slaughter blood and death magick
I cast about without a care

but when I wake I lick my lips,
to see if there are crimson drips
and I run my tongue along my teeth
but feel no pointed fangs beneath

oh the pain of waking, knowing it's not real
longing to go back to craving blood and clashing steel
but often do I think you're faking, an actor on a stage
and all my life is just some story written on a page

and how can you tell me that all this is real,
when dreams are more real than real life feels

I am an existentialist with vampiric tendencies
a dangerous combination for a mind in troubled seas
oh rescue me from the abyss,
yet let me drop into my bliss

I don't know if I'm dark or light
yet I know I'll make it through the night
to dream again of floating away
Track Name: From Edward Cullen To Twilight Girl
slow dance with me
and I'll
show you all you need
we can find a place to feed
twilight girl

when dusk has come
and the
birds all have sung
we can have a little fun
twilight girl

you want romance
take a chance
I'm not trying to get into your pants
twilight girl, there's something else I want

I want something else, twilight girl...

I want
to drink
Track Name: Existential
how do you know you're not already dead
and what if the whole wide world's inside your head
how can I guide you when you're already lost in the fog

I want to take you to the other side
where all the hills are grey beneath white skies
but how can I take you when you're already drained dry

in my dreams I keep forgetting
that the world is always turning, even while I'm asleep
Track Name: Lift The Black Veil
modern day vampire what do you know
do you think that you're immortal
no pointed fangs, no super strength
only weakness, thirst and anger

psychic energy flows through our blood
drink it in or roll with the flood
you have a choice, either prey on the weak
or ignore temptation and anxiety peaks

I know you feel your soul is ancient
but we're all human, so please be patient
the blood you crave, the thirst for life
it's all around you, you don't need a donor

obsessive compulsive thirst for life
a balancing act on the edge of a knife
just let it go, just let it go
you're not a vampire, you're just yourself

I believe that you can harness energy
but that doesn't make you special
we all can do it, but do you really need it
or is it just a desire

those dreams of yours, where fangs pierce flesh
are sexual urges misconstrued
take control of the inner thirst, and use it
to love.