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21 Of The Peach Tree's Best Tracks

by The Peach Tree

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This is 21 of The Peach Tree's best tracks so far. I generally work on a conceptual album basis but if you're the "single" type of music consumer look no further for what I consider the best of the best as of Valentine's Day 2012. No pun about singles and Valentines intended.


released February 14, 2012

Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: The Colour Of Your Eyes

That wasn't what I meant to say
When I spoke to you the other day

I meant to tell you, 'Goodbye'
I meant to tell you the reason why

I am headed for a dead end
And right now I could use a good friend

But you wouldn't give me the time of day
You wouldn't even remember
The colour of my eyes


That wasn't what you should have said
When you whispered in my ear
You made me love you more than anything
And I still see it everywhere

The colour of your eyes.
Track Name: Scimitar

I can't tell you how much I want to get into your pants.
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your bed.
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your pants.
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your head.


I will carve your heart from your breast with my scimitar,
My precious jewel of the East.

Your body flayed and splayed by the heathen altar,
The centrepiece of the feast.

The centrepiece of the feast.
Track Name: A Clean Slate

I wanna tear off the page,
Start with a clean slate.

I wanna tear of the page,
And start again with a clean slate.

A clean slate. Just like a knife blade.

Just like a knife blade, cutting through your heart.
Cutting through your soul. Cutting down your ego.

Tear off the page, and start again with a clean slate.

A clean slate.
Like a knife blade.

Like a knife blade.
Track Name: Black Magick
Track Name: A Perception Of Change (Understanding)

Reality is subjective.

Everyone's individual reality is based on their own perception,
Which is, amongst other things, a series of connections in the brain.
When these connections are crossed, misplaced or missing,
Perception is skewed,
And thus the individual reality is

Track Name: Everybody Get Up And Fuckenndance (Cos This Is MDMA)

Everybody get up and Fuckenndance!
Track Name: Hard Drug Abuse

"The survivng inhabitants are in a dreadful condition. They seem to be in a state similar to that curious 20th-Century Earth disease called 'Hard Drug Abuse'"
Track Name: Seventeen

When you're walking,
And your feet won't stop their dragging on the ground,
And your talk, it seems,
Will never interest anyone around,

Take a breath, take the time,
To be excited by the sky,
And take a chance, dear,
'Cause no-one ever notices the shy - I know.

And if you've drifted,
'Cause you couldn't fight the current for all you swam,
And you're drowning,
'Cause no-one on the shore will lend a hand,

Take it easy, lay on back
Enjoy the ocean while you can.
'Cause you know land, is inhabited by people,
Who will make it as hard as they can,

But that doesn't mean it isn't worth a try.

So if you're crying,
'Cause no-one ever notices you smile,
Paint each leaf that falls in Autumn,
And you'll feel better in a while.

Your family love you,
'Though they know exactly how to make you cry,
And friends can seem cruel,
When they're having such much fun it makes you sigh.

But don't worry,
They'll all be with you 'til the day you die.
So if you look, at yourself,
And often ask the mirror,
"Why am I so sad?"

That's ok, 'cause you're only seventeen.
It's ok, 'cause there's so much left to live for.
It's ok, 'cause there's so much left to

It's ok, it's alright,
'Cause there's so long before,
The End.
Track Name: Leaves You Needing More

When everything is falling apart,
And the message from my heart,
Is passing over you.

And the things you want so bad,
Take over everything you had,
Leaves you needing more.

All the girls you never kissed,
Oh, so much you have missed,
Falling to the floor.

Passing over you (me),
Seeping into you (me),
Falling to the floor,
Leaves you needing more and more.
Track Name: Hell Bending

Abandon the Temple
Abandon Hope
Abandon Tomorrow
Abandon Yourself


The Storm is beginning
The Storm is here


Abandon Heaven
Abandon Grace

Abandon the struggle


Atomic God
Artificial Heart

The Storm is here


Abandon God


Abandon Flesh

The Dead walk

Abandon the Temple


Darkness (We're Hell bending)

Death (We're Hell bending)

Sin (We're Hell bending)

Track Name: White And Black (Mikael)

Thyr, Mir, Arash, Doya.
Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

I call the Angels down from Above.
I summon Daemons up from Below.

(Hang on... no, no "Nemesis! WTF are you doing here?"
I've... I've gotta get out... get away)

Mikael I'm sorry, I let you down,
I spat your name and I stole your crown.

I sold my soul to The Devil,
And made you watch me Revel,
In lost delights and fancied flights,
But now I'm back the field is level.

I offer you my open wrist,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't resist.
Accept my blood and please forgive me,
I want you by my side, stay with me.

Stay with me.
Track Name: Purple, Green And Orange (Gabriel)

Those who hold a bi-polar view of the universe:
Choose Dark over Light.

It's the obvious choice. Darkness is comforting.
It is tranquil. It is The Womb.

Whilst Light is harsh and relentless,
Aggressive and stark,

Those who follow the path of Darkness
Cross no-one.

They lurk quietly in the shadows, and deal
Only with what comes their way.

Hidden and silent, they do not confront the world,
But sit back and watch the madness unfold
With a slightly amused turn of the mouth.

Those who follow the Light feel compelled
To force it down everyone's throat.

"The Dark are lost, and must be saved.
Ultraviolet aggression must purge all
Who do not follow the way."

Vehemently, they will stop at nothing
Until every last shadow is erased.

Yet this is impossible in a bi-polar system.
The presence of Light creates Darkness
In the corners where it is absent.

In a bi-polar system the choice is obvious:

It is easy, it is accessible, and it feels good.
It feels right.

Yet there is more to Life than Black and White.
There are Colours.

I see Purple, Green and Orange.
It's a start.


Darkness (It feels good)
Darkness (It feels right)


Gabriel, Gabriel
Gabriel, take me back
To a time before White and Black.

Gabriel, let the colours fortify my mind.
Oh, Gabriel, let the colours fortify my mind.
My mind. My mind.

Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel.

I am so tired. So tired.
Gabriel, take me back.
Track Name: Mind Soul Dark Light

I saw a widow
And I wanted to take off her veil
For the sun
Had never shone on a lovelier face

I saw a river
And I wanted to fly away
For the sun
Had never shone on a lovelier day

I see the light
And I often like to change my mind

I see a way
And I tear it all apart
Just to find
That hollow meaning
In the deepest
Fortress of the night

I see through the mist
Spectres looming before me
My body's out of control
Climbing around on the ceiling

Limbs succumb to atrophy
A blackened heart and lung
Feed on my apathy
Drag me back to the start

My mind hides away
In the darkness
While my soul
Swims around in the light
Track Name: Mirages

I tried my best to see through your eyes,
I tried my best to understand,
Changing mirages in the desert,
Shifting colours in the sand.

I looked inside, and saw emotion,
But what it was, I couldnt tell.
Above the sky, beneath the water,
A ragged pearl inside a shell.

I tried to walk, and I stumbled.
I tried to run, and I flew.
You left me nothing here to stand on,
And I am falling without you.

Love is tender when moments like this come and go,
I'm on a bender, I don't know which way I should turn.
Love is hard when it burns in a tar blackened lung,
But love is all that I need...

All that I need is a rest from your burning desire.
We get up in the morning and day turns to night.
All I want is your body with me in the livingroom,
But you want my mind in the grip of your bed.

But either way, it all works out in the end,
Cos I know there's a hole in your soul I could mend,
If we just stuck together 'til the very end,
Would we ever make it back?

I hear you screaming "Please, get out of my head,
Cos you know there's a soul in my hole you could mend",
If we just tear apart til we bleed out the poison,
I know we'll make it

Everyone's lonely all of their lives,
But we can help each other get through the night,
If you looked in my eyes, you'd see I was right,
When I swore at the end of this song, you'd have me Singing...

Us and our love are the answer, for a world of pain.
And us and our love are the sunset at the end of the day,
Us and our love were the answer, but you threw it away.
Track Name: Reflection
Track Name: The Dragon's Scale

The Light pours in overtaking The Shadow
But the might to win is on The Other Side
Track Name: Hold On

Oh, lord you've got to... hold on
Oh, lord you've got to... hold on
Oh, lord you've got to... hold on to your dreams,
Before they wake you...

Oh, lord you've got to... fight on
Oh, lord you've got to... fight on
Oh, lord you've got to... fight on for your dream,
Before they take you...

Well, it's hard to get along,
When you're lonely, in a world of love.

And it's hard to be strong,
When you're holding on to a world of pain.

But hold on...

You ever thought that there was something missing?
I had it once then I lost it in the alley.

Now, I feel alright but I don't feel like I used to,
I feel alright, but I don't feel like I should.

Now every night I buy a bottle o' whiskey,
And every night I down a bottle o' blues.

Every night I wonder if I'll call you,
And every night the phone rings, and it's you, love.

I don't know why I've gotten so unused to
The sound of words coming out of my mouth.

I don't know why I've gone and abused you...
You were my life, my lover, my green-eyed come-down.

Now I feel alright, but I don't feel like I used to.
I feel alright, but I don't feel like I should...

Hair cut, new shoes, soft spoken, no blues.
He walk, he run, he gather, no noose.
She try, she try, she try, cut loose.
She try, but he won't, he won't, he won't
Break away, break away, save the pain,
No blues. Break away, break away, hair cut, no noose.
No noose, no blues, hair cut, no money.

Hold on,
Hold on,
Hold on,
Hold on.
Track Name: Totally Insane

Is it such a crime?
If I just speak what's on my mind,
Remaining relatively blind to
Consequences vile or sublime.

I keep loosely with the Rhythm
Cos I got a yellow ribbon
Tied round in my gut
Where I splutter my inanity.

I talk about Insanity
Cos that's where my mind's at,
Doctor Seuss or a sheep?
A purple cat or Meryl Streep?

I don't dig gossip but
I never keep my trap shut.
Hypocrite to the bone
Tut-tut mouse trap.

Tut-tut mouse trap.

Rambling and disseminating
Comes to the fore
When I've had a coupla beers
Or some weed to the core.

I like to keep it simple
But I got a lotta baggage,
Makes it kinda awkward when I trip,
Standing in the carriage.

Standing in the carriage.

Trains are not my game
Cos I don't dig the rails.
Gotta stay a bit insane
And try varying your trails.

Paths collide when intersecting
Rhythms hide, in the deepest
Depths of the murky Dark Abyss.

But Bliss is a signal
Carried straight to the heart
When you start to get a tingle
And your lips move apart.

Loving not hating
Is the name of the game,
Bring it back to the frame,
This is totally Insane.

Totally Insane.

Totally. Insane.
Track Name: Gurgle Weights

You are walking down the street,
When suddenly a man appears before you.
You fail to notice the knife in his hand.
Track Name: The Other Side
Track Name: A Change Of Perception

Before you fall asleep today
I have to tell you how I feel
So hollow, empty, alone
But happy

To be
Sitting on the floor

While these rays of light
From my cigarette
Are bouncing around in my head

I think of nothing
Cos I'm a soundwave
Floating along in the air

And I need a way to get back again

Cos I have travelled over mountains
And drifted in the sea
But I can't even remember
How the earth feels at my feet
So far below

The earth turns at my feet
So far away

The earth turns at my feet
So far above me

The earth turns at my feet
So far below

The earth turns at my feet
So far away

The earth turns at my feet
And I'm getting tired of waiting
Waiting for your love

I'm waiting for your love

I waded through the river
Searching for my soul
I waited half an hour
But you never showed

Me the way to heaven
You only gave me money
For a ferry ride to take
Me away
Across the river

(And I need a way to get back)

Cos when I die I want to live
Beside the ocean
But while I live, I want
Anything but pain

So I fly amongst
Angels carrying sickles
And I keep a coin or two
For the ferry

Methamphetamine dreaming of a forest in the air
I don't want to be seeing things, but I can only stare
And all I hear is the rhythm of the beat dancing through my mind
And all I know is the answer to a question I can't find
And all I feel is the rushing of the blood pumping down the hall
And all I have is this moment, but I have to have it all

Hazy light, and a silhouetted figure in the dark
If you would only show yourself, there's so much I could ask:

What If I didn't have a body?
Floating along in an
Amniotic world I've created out of my own fear
Of being born at all

What if my dreams were all synthetic?
What if my waking life was a picture?
Seeing the world through pixelated eyes

What if i'm really going crazy?
Asking these questions that only make me
Realise the world is so much more than I
Could ever really understand


And what if this party's all a memory
Confused with my present state of mind?
And what if the girl i met last night was my
Imagination running wild?

I know I can answer all these questions
If I only end my self obsession

I know i command the fortress of my mind
But there's a rebellion going on

It's just a change of perception.