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I Hide My Eyes Away

from by The Peach Tree



on this summer's day
I hide my eyes away
from blinding light in full array
across the heavens led astray

from beneath the ground a hum begins
the scream of countless tortured souls
that sweep and sway along the rows
of weeping trees for hanging sins

the graves exhumed, the dead arise
waiting 'til the moon belies
the creeping tide over blood-soaked sand
with fire in eye and sword in hand

they sweep across this earthly realm
satan steering at the helm
where he points they thus shall follow
to plague and kill and spread their sorrow

but not I, that path to choose
for gods and devils always lose
the one thing that they claim to own
the souls of man before the womb

and after death, eternally
but speaketh me of blasphemy
neither god nor satan holds the key
to end this earthly travesty,

and neither do they hold with me,
any say in my destiny.

yet on this beautiful summer's day
I still hide the light away

with shutters drawn and lips of scorn
I cannot bear the coming dawn

until the sun lies low I wait
with panic-stricken cornered hate

and when the twilight settles in
I revel in the red moon's sin

I stalk the alleys, climb the roofs
night has fallen, claws are loosed
no hesitation or refrain,
pulsing blood through shivering veins

the fangs pierce flesh and all is blurred
the two have become one, interred


from Lift The Black Veil, released May 7, 2009
Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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