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Children of Cain, Night​-​Loving Creatures, Prepare Thyselves for 2012

by The Peach Tree

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Why the title?

Events around the world are literally tearing apart the Earth. Sure, we can attribute the observation of "much more commotion" in the world to more intense media coverage, increased capacity for and types of communication, etc.

Yet there is no doubt in my mind a change is coming, and that surely the spiralling of the globe into a seeming state of Chaos is the precursor to something huge.

People talk a lot about the date 21st December 2012 and the Mayan Prophecies connected to it. There are many theories, many believers, and many doubters.

All I know is that for me, personally, something will change on that date. So I am preparing myself.

It's no secret that I am Darkly inclined. The name of this album is deliberately phrased to capture the attention of similar souls as myself. Those who revel in the Night, the Dark, and those who consider themselves Otherkin.

When Abel looked up at Cain, the Father of Evil, he wasn't fearing Death nor setting his sights on Heaven. He was simply jealous. For the Dark live on no matter what Life throws at them. The Dark can survive Death and even The End of the World. For when all the Light is extinguished we merely meld into the Greater Shadow, and are Sated.

Children of Cain, Night-Loving Creatures...

Prepare Thyselves for 2012!


released April 4, 2011

Angus Maiden - Everything Musical/Lyrical
Cover Art - H. R. Giger




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: No Pain, No Gain
If you wanna follow your heart
I suggest you go back to the start
No pain, no gain in this game called Life
Pandemonium dementia and strife

If you wanna follow me home
Take care not to tread on your toes
But no rain could dissolve your pretty features
Let loose all the night-loving creatures

No pain, no gain
No pain, no gain
In this game called Life
Track Name: Bix Vs Cube
Hey, did you ever
Pull on that lever

Wall caving inwards
Takes you to the other side

It's getting harder
To climb that ladder

Thoughts whirling faster
Takes you to the other side
Track Name: Like A Knife In The Sound
And its bringing me down, your love, your love
Is nowhere to be found, my love, my love
Place me in the ground, my love, your love
Like a knife in the sound...

...This song needs something more
I dunno, like a... Like a knife in the sound

Like a knife in the sound
Track Name: Scimitar
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your pants
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your bed
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your pants
I can't tell you how much I want to get into your head

I will carve your heart from your breast with my scimitar
My precious jewel of The East
Your body flayed and splayed by the heathen altar
The centerpiece of the feast

The centerpiece of the feast
Track Name: Yield
You wanna cage the world
With your complicated definitions
You say that everything is real

You wanna bash the fantasy
Right out of our minds
But only in your throes

Self-reflecting brain
Simulating conscious free will
Is that all you think you are?

While late at night you cry
As you wish you believed in something
Nowhere to hide from your own mind

You have the vision and the fire to think this through
But no means to make it happen

While the woman you desire is leaving you
Cos you've made her so un-happy

And the diamonds and pearls hung around your neck
Come crashing to the floor

As the world you create is so elegantly
Growing more and more

Mage, learn to yield
You know a head on fight against the world
Won't get you very far

You wanna be a god yea?
Well first you have to let go of life
You're like the five of wands
And you extend your fronds to
Anywhere that lets the moss grow wild

Fool, don't take them on
Cos your deck of cards so bright and bold
Are fading, fading, fading, fading, fading, fading
And taking the whole damn world down with you
Track Name: Inertia
Silently sinking
I know what your thinking

You want to be free
From the rules of this game

I have in my home a picture
Of a rose

When its scent hits your nose
It will take you away

I called you and told you
I don't want to know you

But you had a picture of
Flowers for me

I opened the package
And there was a letter

It tasted like berries
No more can I bear

Your wanton inertia
Has come back with vengeance

To liquify absence
Of meaning and truth

But what will I do with
This pen on the table

I'll write you a song
Filled with clue upon clue


Only you, not any other goddess would do
Only you, not any other goddess would do
Not any other goddess would do
Only you
Track Name: Bleed, Breathe. Take
I will rip your heart from your bleeding chest
I will rip your heart from your bleeding chest

I will rip your soul from your bleeding mind
I will rip your soul from your bleeding mind

I will suck the blood from the holes in your neck
I will suck the blood from the holes in your neck

I will, I will, I will, I will, I will

I will suck you dry and leave you with nothing left
I will suck you dry and leave you with nothing left

I will suck the blood from the holes in your neck
I will suck the blood from the holes in your neck

I will suck you dry and leave you with nothing left
I will suck you dry and leave you with nothing left

I will suck you dry and leave you with nothing left
Track Name: Seventeen
When you’re walking and your feet won’t stop their dragging on the ground
And your talk, it seems, will never interest anyone around
Take a breath, take the time to be excited by the sky
And take a chance dear, cos no one ever notices the shy
I know

And if you’ve drifted cos you couldn’t fight the current for all you swam
And you’re drowning cos no one on the shore will lend a hand
Take it easy, lay on back, enjoy the ocean while you can
Cos you know land is inhabited by people

Who will make it as hard as they can

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a try
So if you’re crying cos no one ever notices you smile
Paint each leaf that falls in Autumn
And you’ll feel better in a while

Your family love you, though they know exactly how to make you cry
And friends can seem cruel, when they’re having so much fun it makes you sigh
But don’t worry, they’ll all be with you 'til the day you die
So if you look at yourself and often ask the mirror

“Why am I so sad?”

That’s ok, cos you’re only seventeen
That’s ok, there’s so much left to live for
It’s ok, cos there’s so much left to do
Do do doo-doo do
It’s ok, it’s alright, cos there’s so long until
The End
Track Name: Delirium
Track Name: Someone Just Like You
When we drank a cask of wine
And you stayed over for the night
It felt so good to lay in bed
And hold someone so tight

But when the morning came
The darkness fading into light
I felt hungover, anxious
I just wasn't feeling right

So I let you go not saying much and
Now a year has passed,
And 'though I know the moment's gone
I wish so much I'd made it last

Time passes
And i wish so much i had you in my Life

I'm so lonely
And i need someone just like you in my Life

Someone just like you


When I drank a glass of wine
And I fell over on the stairs
It hurt so much to hit the floor
Bleeding from the ears.

But when an hour passed
And no-one came to help
I slipped into the deepest sleep
A dreamer ever felt

And now a year has passed
And I'm still in that bed
And though my mind's alive
I wish so much that I was dead

Time passes
And I've reached the point of breathing my last Breath

I'm still dreaming
But I need someone just like you at my Death

Someone just like you
Track Name: Tarot
(This is a Tarot reading of sorts, and as such the lyrics are not provided for this detracts from the power of the words spoken)
Track Name: Goodbye
Flights of woe in Winter's heart
But Summer's where the story starts
A peacock feather in my hand
Without a care in all the land

But magic soars and sinks its teeth
Into that drink just out of reach
Time to think eternal thoughts
And to forget how long we fought

When Autumn came I turned away
Although you begged that I could stay
We grow so cold as seasons change
Erode the sand, erase the pain

Falling leaves from off your brow
I never thought to question how
Time to dream immortal dreams
And sew the stitches at the seams

Summer's lost in that first verse
And all that follows holds a curse
I never meant to make you cry
This is my way of saying goodbye