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White And Black (Mikael)

from by The Peach Tree



Off the critically acclaimed yet self-indulgent "Failure playing Art in the dress rehearsal for The Apocalypse", this track is an evocation of the spirit Mikael, who resides on a higher plane, and the daemon Nemesis, from the lower.



Thyr, Mir, Arash, Doya.
Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

I call the Angels down from Above.
I summon Daemons up from Below.

(Hang on... no, no "Nemesis! WTF are you doing here?"
I've... I've gotta get out... get away)

Mikael I'm sorry, I let you down,
I spat your name and I stole your crown.

I sold my soul to The Devil,
And made you watch me Revel,
In lost delights and fancied flights,
But now I'm back the field is level.

I offer you my open wrist,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't resist.
Accept my blood and please forgive me,
I want you by my side, stay with me.

Stay with me.


from 21 Of The Peach Tree's Best Tracks, released February 14, 2012
Angus Maiden - Everything
Mikael - A Spectator
Nemesis - An Actor




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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