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A poignant song about the ups and downs of life, something I would have liked to hear when I was seventeen.



When you're walking,
And your feet won't stop their dragging on the ground,
And your talk, it seems,
Will never interest anyone around,

Take a breath, take the time,
To be excited by the sky,
And take a chance, dear,
'Cause no-one ever notices the shy - I know.

And if you've drifted,
'Cause you couldn't fight the current for all you swam,
And you're drowning,
'Cause no-one on the shore will lend a hand,

Take it easy, lay on back
Enjoy the ocean while you can.
'Cause you know land, is inhabited by people,
Who will make it as hard as they can,

But that doesn't mean it isn't worth a try.

So if you're crying,
'Cause no-one ever notices you smile,
Paint each leaf that falls in Autumn,
And you'll feel better in a while.

Your family love you,
'Though they know exactly how to make you cry,
And friends can seem cruel,
When they're having such much fun it makes you sigh.

But don't worry,
They'll all be with you 'til the day you die.
So if you look, at yourself,
And often ask the mirror,
"Why am I so sad?"

That's ok, 'cause you're only seventeen.
It's ok, 'cause there's so much left to live for.
It's ok, 'cause there's so much left to

It's ok, it's alright,
'Cause there's so long before,
The End.


from 21 Of The Peach Tree's Best Tracks, released February 14, 2012
Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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