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We're half-way through the album, so is it Art yet? This track features the most intense lyrics on the album. So, has a message been conveyed? Or is it a failure in its delivery?


She was more than I could take in my state.
She was more than I could take in my state.
I have to go or I'll be running late.
At the corner of the station where I wait,
This is a trap, I am the bait.

Then she kissed me in the passenger seat,
A bliss I thought that I'd never meet.
A happiness I'm happy to greet.
This is the butcher, I am the meat.

The sweetest meat.
The darkest blood.
The kindest smile.
The world ends now.

Ends now.
I said the world ends now.


from Failure playing Art in the dress rehearsal for The Apocalypse, released June 11, 2010
Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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