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Dear god, If something isn't done soon we will be planning Renovations (Two Part Understanding)

from by The Peach Tree



Multiple layers of meaning can be gleaned from the lyrics and title of this song.


There's lots of colours in the world,
But no-one other than your Child
Could bring The Light back to
The Darkness,
Suppliment the pending Madness.

Lots of people on this earth,
But none of them could bring about
An Intergalactic Rebirth,
A new hell we can shout about.

A new hell come on shout it.

SHout IT ouT!


from Revel, released October 1, 2008
Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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