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The Ghost Of Muses Past

by The Peach Tree

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Ghosts are real. They are the residue of people, places and experiences as they exist in the present. There is only the moment, the Now. The future is not yet seen, and the past only exists in memories. Ghosts are our memories. They haunt us and yet show us the Path at the same time. So what are ghosts of Muses? They are the residual taint left in the memory and soul of a person, of something that was once very important, very inspiring. This album was created in an intense two-week period of sober reflection whereby Angus channeled these ghosts, that once were burning fires of passion: feelings about relationships, places, and thoughts. As if by magic *click* a spark was lit and the ghosts of muses past became reality. Emotions came flooding in, and you can hear it in his voice: the passion is there, yet there is something almost sinister about this album, something shadowy and definitively ghost-like, reflected in the intense leadenness of the beats and melodies. The feelings The Peach Tree invokes were dead, brought to Life. Thus a veil of Darkness, of Death and Decay is cast about the album, yet also of beauty and rebirth, akin to the spirit of the phoenix. Enjoy.


released June 10, 2008

Angus Maiden - Everything
Interview with Mark Heenan on "The Dark Side"




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: Jane
Her name was Jane.
She had all the perks of a regular girl,
But she saw canyons in the bedsheets.

She had rainbows coursing through her veins,
And the needle stole her soul.
Her soul, her soul.
Track Name: Drink It In
I love your body
I love your body
I want your skin
I want your blood

I'll take your soul
I'll take your soul
I'll take your soul
And drink it in, drink it in

I left you staring
While I walked away

I left you staring

I'll never need
To follow the hallowed way

The hallowed way

I've chosen the path of darkness
And I'll drink it in
I'll take your soul
And drink it in

Drink it in
Drink it in

I'll drink it in...
Track Name: Hold On
Oh, lord you've got to... hold on
Oh, lord you've got to... hold on
Oh, lord you've got to... hold on to your dreams,
Before they wake you...

Oh, lord you've got to... fight on
Oh, lord you've got to... fight on
Oh, lord you've got to... fight on for your dream,
Before they take you...

Well, it's hard to get along,
When you're lonely, in a world of love.

And it's hard to be strong,
When you're holding on to a world of pain.

But hold on...

You ever thought that there was something missing?
I had it once then I lost it in the alley.

Now, I feel alright but I don't feel like I used to,
I feel alright, but I don't feel like I should.

Now every night I buy a bottle o' whiskey,
And every night I down a bottle o' blues.

Every night I wonder if I'll call you,
And every night the phone rings, and it's you, love.

I don't know why I've gotten so unused to
The sound of words coming out of my mouth.

I don't know why I've gone and abused you...
You were my life, my lover, my green-eyed come-down.

Now I feel alright, but I don't feel like I used to.
I feel alright, but I don't feel like I should...

Hair cut, new shoes, soft spoken, no blues.
He walk, he run, he gather, no noose.
She try, she try, she try, cut loose.
She try, but he won't, he won't, he won't
Break away, break away, save the pain,
No blues. Break away, break away, hair cut, no noose.
No noose, no blues, hair cut, no money.

Hold on,
Hold on,
Hold on,
Hold on.
Track Name: All The Perfume Of Arabia
Would you dance with me,
If I said there'd only be
You and me
On the floor?

Would you read my thoughts,
If inside of them you saw
Your reflection?

Could my hand caress your face,
If I told you you might taste
All the perfume of Arabia?

Under where you stand
Is a tangled broken land,
But there's room for two.

Look into my eyes
That have seen such distant skies.
I could take you there...

So why would you wait
Another lonely day,
Tearing your heart away?

If you wanna be with me,
I'll set your spirit free
For another day.

If you close your eyes,
Do you ever see what lies
Beneath your dreams?

When you listen close,
Do you ever hear a ghost
Whispering in the wind?

If you opened up your mind,
Do you ever think you'd find
What you're looking for?

If you opened up your heart,
And tore your hate apart,
I'd be waiting...

Track Name: Leaves You Needing More
When everything is falling apart,
And the message from my heart
Is passing over you.

And the things you want so bad
Take over everything you had,
Leaves you needing more.

All the sounds you've never heard
Are swirling 'round your head,
Seeping into you.

All the girls you never kissed,
Oh, so much you have missed,
Falling to the floor.

Passing over you,
Seeping into you,
Falling to the floor,
Leaves you needing more and more.
Track Name: Mirages
I tried my best to see through your eyes,
I tried my best to understand.
Changing mirages in the desert,
Shifting colours in the sand.

I looked inside, and saw emotion,
But what it was, I couldn't tell.
Above the sky, beneath the water,
A ragged pearl inside a shell.

I tried to run, and I stumbled.
I tried to walk, and I flew.
You left me nothing here to stand on,
And I am falling without you.

Love is tender when moments like these come and go.
I'm on a bender, I don't which way I should turn.
Love is hard when it burns in a tar blackened lung,
But love is all that I need...

All that I need is a rest from your burning desire.
We get up in the morning and day turns to night.
All I wanted was your body with me in my livingroom,
But you want my mind in the grip of your bed.

But either way, it all works out in the end,
'Cause I know there's a hole in your soul I could mend.
If we just stuck together 'til the very end,
would we ever make it back?

I hear you screaming "Please, get out of my head,
'Cause you know there's a soul in my hole you could mend."
If we just tear apart 'til we bleed out the poison,
I know we'll make it...

Everyone's lonely all of their lives,
But we can help each other get through the night,
If you looked in my eyes, you'd see I was right,
When I swore at the end of this song, you'd have me singing...

"Us and our love are the answer, for a world of pain,
And us and our love are the sunset at the end of the day."

Oh, us and our love were the answer, but you threw it away...