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Creatures of the night, come journey with me.
Thy sword sheathed, thy lips parted,
We shall kiss the shadows,
Dance with Death,
And Revel in Insanity.


released October 1, 2008

Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: A Clean Slate
I wanna tear off the page,
Start again with a clean slate.

I wanna tear off the page,
And start again with a clean slate.

A clean slate. Just like a knife blade.
A clean slate. Just like a knife blade.

Cutting through your heart,
Cutting through your soul,
Cutting down your ego.

Tear off the page,
Start again with a clean slate.

(Like a knife blade)
Track Name: OK
Is it OK if I stroke your hair?
And is it OK if I... touch you there?

Is it OK if I say "I love you, dear"?
Love you, dear. Love you dear.

Is it OK if I hold your hand?
And is it OK if we roam the land?

Flying around 'til we get back
Here. Get back here. Get back here.

I love you. You love me.
We make such fine company.

If you ever wanna get outta here,
We can leave together.

We can leave together.
We can leave together.

We can leave together.
Track Name: Totally Insane
Is it such a crime?
If I just speak what's on my mind,
Remaining relatively blind to
Consequences vile or sublime.

I keep loosely with the Rhythm
Cos I got a yellow ribbon
Tied round in my gut
Where I splutter my inanity.

I talk about Insanity
Cos that's where my mind's at,
Doctor Seuss or a sheep?
A purple cat or Meryl Streep?

I don't dig gossip but
I never keep my trap shut.
Hypocrite to the bone
Tut-tut mouse trap.

Tut-tut mouse trap.

Rambling and disseminating
Comes to the fore
When I've had a coupla beers
Or some weed to the core.

I like to keep it simple
But I got a lotta baggage,
Makes it kinda awkward when I trip,
Standing in the carriage.

Standing in the carriage.

Trains are not my game
Cos I don't dig the rails.
Gotta stay a bit insane
And try varying your trails.

Paths collide when intersecting
Rhythms hide, in the deepest
Depths of the murky Dark Abyss.

But Bliss is a signal
Carried straight to the heart
When you start to get a tingle
And your lips move apart.

Loving not hating
Is the name of the game,
Bring it back to the frame,
This is totally Insane.

Totally Insane.

Totally. Insane.
Track Name: Hazy Light
I fall when you call.
I sleep while you dream.

In the meantime you'll be mine,
Forever in my grip.

A quip of Fate,
A twist of hair.
I never see you there.

Hold me tightly.
And ever so slightly,
I'll strip you bare.


I called when you fell.
When you fell.

But you ignored
The burning, the Fire
Unholy desire.

This Pire, revive the
Love that sleeps inside.


Come, take me now.
Come, set me free.

Come, take me now.
Come and set me free.

Come and

Set me free.
Track Name: The Doors (Understanding Part Two)
When I was Strange
I had a glint in my eye,
Singing "Women are wicked
When you're unwanted."

If I escape you know
I'll never survive.
Running horses on petrol
In the silver Sunrise.

Sunset, Sunrise.
Sunset, Sunrise.


Open The Door
And you will see what I see.
Holding a Dream in your
Silver-lined hand.

Unhand me. Unfold me.
Sun set me free.
Track Name: The Tower Bells
I'm in Love with the strangest people,
The Tower Bells and the highest steeple.

I'm in Love with the Darkest Music,
I'm in the depths of Hell
And I'm feeling Tantric.

I'm in love with a lot of things,
But no-one's in love with me.
Track Name: I Said Something Wrong
You wanna fuck me?
(I'm outta luck here)
Your personality
Makes me shiver.

I love your Soul,
So kiss me slow now,
I said something wrong,
I know, I know.

The Moon is red tonight,
The lips are pried apart.
The spell is cast down,
There's tarot all around.

The King Of Swords sings:
"I am your everything."
I said something wrong,
I know, I know, I know.


I said something (something I said)


I said something Wrong.
Track Name: Dear god, If something isn't done soon we will be planning Renovations (Two Part Understanding)
There's lots of colours in the world,
But no-one other than your Child
Could bring The Light back to
The Darkness,
Suppliment the pending Madness.

Lots of people on this earth,
But none of them could bring about
An Intergalactic Rebirth,
A new hell we can shout about.

A new hell come on shout it.

SHout IT ouT!
Track Name: Love Song
If you're unsure, just take your time.
I wanna be yours if you wanna be mine.
I'll never want more than you wanna give

But if you give me your heart,
I'll make us a seive
To filter out the bad parts,
And help each other grow.

I wanna lose myself inside your eyes
And let my feelings go.

Let my feelings go.

Let your feelings go.

Let your feelings


(Fuck this lovesong bullshit,
I never should have let you in.
I was waiting for so long
for someone to open up to.
But you shut me down,
and now my Heart is cold,
Cos I said something wrong...
I know, I know)


I wanna be yours if you wanna be mine.