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A Darker Shade Of Tao

by The Peach Tree

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"The Tao is empty, yet use will not drain it.
Deep, it is like the ancestor of the myriad creatures.
Blunt the sharpness
Untangle the knots;
Soften the glare;
Let your wheels move only along old ruts.
Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there.
I know not whose son it is.
It images the forefather of God."
-Lao Tzu, from the Tao Te Ching

Tao is The Way, the embodiment of the ebb and flow of yin and yang, of Darkness and Light, the unification of both sides of the coin. In creating this album, I set out to show this harmony, this unification, yet in naming it "A Darker Shade of Tao" I am recognising the fact that we can only ever see one side of the coin, and for me, in this moment of my life, the Dark Side is facing me. The Tao is ineffable, it cannot be spoken about using words or even music. This album is my attempt to show both Evil and Good, Heaven and Hell, Dark and Light, Yang and Yin, whilst keeping a level head about my own mortality and my complete inablity to express that which is unattainable by mortals. The album also explores themes of the dreaming world and alternate worlds; all of which, together with our own world, make up the Tao.

I would not be the first person to say that I'm not a good singer, but it was important to me to express the concept of this album in my own voice. I hope you can forgive the roughness of my singing and look beyond it to the message I am trying to get across. Please feel free to download and distribute this album wherever you wish (as long as it's not for profit).


released February 20, 2008

Angus Maiden - Everything




The Peach Tree Melbourne, Australia

The solo project of Angus Maiden, musician / writer / producer from Melbourne Australia. The antithesis of autotune, Angus' voice is both flawed and poignant, accompanied by a swirl of melody and beats ranging in style from death metal to psytrance, with a gamut of genres in between. ... more

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Track Name: Dreams In Darkness (Love In Light)
Without Light we cannot love.
Without Light we cannot love.
Without Light we cannot love,
But without Darkness, we cannot dream.
Track Name: Walk The Knife Edge
The World of Dreams is the gateway between this world and every other;
Worlds where there is no Darkness, worlds where this is no Light,
And worlds where both exist in perfect harmony.

Have you ever dreamt about blood?
Have you ever dreamt about hope?
About death? About life? About loss? About Wealth?

I dream all the time, slipping through the cracks in Reality.
I live, breathe and walk, waking, through Hell and Heaven.

I have seen both sides of the coin,
And I will always walk the knife edge,
Never choosing one side or the other.
For the answer lies in both, and yet in neither.

For the answer lies in both, and yet in neither.
Track Name: Hell Bending
Abandon the Temple
Abandon Hope
Abandon Tomorrow
Abandon Yourself


The Storm is beginning
The Storm is here


Abandon Heaven
Abandon Grace

Abandon the struggle


Atomic God
Artificial Heart

The Storm is here


Abandon God


Abandon Flesh

The Dead walk

Abandon the Temple


Darkness (We're Hell bending)

Death (We're Hell bending)

Sin (We're Hell bending)

Track Name: The Longer Way Home
It was 36 degrees outside today.
I'm sorry 'bout the party but I couldn't stay.
And on the way home I took the longer way,
Then I met you at the stroke of 12.

It was windy and rainy in the afternoon.
Somebody help me cos I'm slipping into the Gloom.
Black and Purple comes melting into the room,
And I'll meet you at the gates of Hell.

It was pouring rain and I was locked outside.
A multitude of colours in the morning light.
I tried to grit my teeth and ignore the fight,
But they beat me, with their game of stealth.

I'm a rich man, but I have no worth.
Undercover from a rain of filth.
I believe, but I have no faith.
The Tower comes crashing to the earth.
Track Name: The Gloom
Track Name: I Believe
I don't wanna be so Dark, but I kinda am,
Don't wanna fly around in your hand.
Save me before I hit the ground,
Cos I fall when you're not around.

Love you for today,
Love you 'til tomorrow.
Love you every way,
Love you just a little.

I want to follow the way,
But the Light's too hot to handle.
Love you for today,
But the Darkness starts to whittle me away.


It seems that Life just takes you anywhere.
I believe in The Light, that guides you to The Stair.
I beleive in Heaven, I believe in God.
I believe you'll never make it in your current state.
Track Name: The Dragon's Scale
The Light pours in overtaking The Shadow,
But the might to win is on The Other Side.

And I laugh in the face of The Devil.
I laugh in the face of The Devil.
I laugh in the face of The Devil
In the mirror, cos The Devil's inside of me.
Track Name: Tied To The Sky
And we're falling all over ourselves,
Trying to find what it is
Keeping us tied to the sky,
Keeping our feet on the ground.

On the ground,
On the ground,
On the ground,
Tied to the sky.

I don't wanna be of the earth,
I think I belong in the sea.
So many forgotten treasures
Bursting out of me.

And I wanna end up in Heaven
(Tied to the sky),
Floating as free as a cloud
(Keeping your feet on the ground).
Everything that I see is a sign
(Tied to the sky)
So I'm taking the longer way home
(Keeping my feet on the ground).
Track Name: The Other Side
Track Name: Slip Into The Sun
No need to help me,
As I slip into the Sun.
The stars are shifting,
And I've only just been born.

Tell me how and where,
And I'll make sure that I come.
Your brow is bare,
And the branches hold a frown.

Take my hand,
And we can slip into the Sun.
Slip into the Sun.
Slip into the Sun.
Track Name: Viral
Let's get viral
And infect each other with our Love.
Track Name: The Wheel Of Time
Soldiers of The Dark ascend to battle with The Light.
Krishna tells Arjuna he must carry on the fight.
But bloody hands are not my thing and I don't wanna die,
Though I often wonder how and when and sometimes wonder why.

Like pawns upon a chessboard we can only go one way,
And hope to god our rulers know the price we have to pay.
Inside the forest is a garden where we go to play,
But outside eyes of crystal blue cut everything away.

I want to be a human being,
Ignore the pain that I am feeling,
But Desire fuels the Burning,
That sears my flesh away.

Inside the Void I can feel nothing,
Except the Light that's always there,
Casting shadows on the ceiling,
That blow my mind away.

Armed with a Thakandar blade
And lots of charisma,
He deftly persuaded the winter
To alter its course.

They battled through Shadow and Light
Throughout all of time,
'Til the taint of saidin
Ran amok in their minds.
Track Name: The Final Hour
It's not about Might,
It's not about Power,
When it comes to the final hour.

Ignore the fight
In your mind,
Or they'll leave you all behind.

It's not about Light,
It's not about Darkness,
It is both and yet it's neither.

Take my hand,
Gentle lamb,
And we can pass on through together.